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Business Development. Public Relations. Marketing.

April 24, 2013

Each of these support functions are critical for businesses at any stage – growing, established or in transition.  Understanding the function of each role can change how your business operates.  Are you using these three functions to their fullest potential? Read on to learn how these support functions affect your audience.

Business Development. The primary purpose of this role is to identify areas of growth, whether with an existing or potential client and build and foster those relationships.  Business relationships often take years to grow and develop.  Seeking areas of opportunity, and measuring the return on investment should be easy to track for this role.  Business development is what every company, sales rep or employee should be focused on at all times.

Public Relations. Strategically managing communication efforts between a company and its stakeholders is public relations in its simplest form.  What is your message and who is your audience?  Who will deliver your message and through what communication channels?  Public relations specialists manage these questions and the relationship between the company and its audiences throughout the communication process.  While this role can often be overlooked, or overshadowed by marketing, it should not be underestimated.  Communicating to a company’s audiences can have lasting impacts on its stakeholders. For instance, effectively communicating during an acquisition can have significant impact on employee morale, industry support, stock price, etc. To whom, how, what and when you communicate is paramount.

Marketing. Marketing is the tactical approach of conveying a message to an audience.  A brochure. A video. A website.  These are tools that convey an organization’s message to its audience while creating brand recognition at the same time.  While no company expects to be hired based on an innovative ad, it is the ad that builds trust in a brand, provides familiarity and educates consumers.

Are you utilizing these support functions in your company to their fullest potential?  Are communication channels established and are you reaching your target audience?  What collateral would raise your brand visibility and convey the core messages of your company the best?

When a company sets its foundation by establishing a strong public relations campaign with strategic messages, and creates a marketing strategy in support of those messages, then business can develop and grow.  By building a strong foundation, your business is setting itself up for success.

For more information on an effective communications strategy, please contact Paige Donnell, Principal of Paige PR.