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Content Strategies that Amplify Your Message

January 22, 2019

It’s that time of the year where oil and gas communicators begin building their OTC strategy! If you haven’t started thinking about what innovative ways you’ll tell your company’s story, never fear, you’re only slightly behind schedule. In all seriousness, at the root of every compelling trade show booth or awesome marketing tool is a content strategy program and if you don’t have one in place, your expensive, innovative marketing tactics could fall flat.

So what are some key things to consider?

  1. What compelling company news will you be sharing at the world’s largest oil and gas conference? Was it an acquisition, a new product or technology launch, a company restructure? What’s the beef? Knowing what news you want to share and then capitalizing on the exposure is easy to identify.
  2. Who is your audience? Are you targeting key media, industry groups, influencers and/or customers? Each group requires a different type of interaction so prepare for media tours and potentially press conferences, company events, one-on-one customer meetings and more. But you’ve got to set the stage for your intended audience.
  3. Failing to plan = planning to fail. Trade publications’ editorial and media kits are available now, so this is the time to plan which months and editorial sections you want to secure coverage in. Don’t wait until March to decide to submit a case study or pitch for a feature story. You’ll miss easy opportunities by failing to act now.
  4. Define success. When establishing what’s newsworthy, it’s also important to outline what success would look like as the action happens. If launching a product, what sort of coverage are you looking to obtain? Will a social media rollout be included, and if so, what’s the intended goal with a social campaign (Interactions, engagement)? Are there awards or speaking opportunities you can tie into as well? One compelling piece of content can be amplified over and over.

If you’ve got something in the works for 2019, don’t miss your opportunity to ensure success.

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