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Facebook page insights

February 21, 2014

Whether communicating to employees, clients, potential clients or the public, Facebook is critical to any social media strategy or company marketing campaign.  Thanks to Facebook’s page insights, the ability to track what’s working and what followers are interested in provides companies the ability to track in real-time how engaged followers are, and adapt their strategy on an ongoing basis.  Here are a few tips to ensure your social media strategy is working:

  • Time your posts.  Post within 30 minutes of peak activity. If most followers are reading your posts at 7:00 a.m, then post at that time as consistently as possible, ensuring your post will be the first they see.
  • Look at the day.  If a peak viewing day is Wednesday, consider timing special promotions to guarantee the highest visibility.
  • What posts are most engaging?  Are followers most interested in offers, photos or links?  While you don’t want to limit certain tactics, this may help redefine how you’re sharing information.

There are more ways to find and track engagement than what’s listed above. Facebook page insights is a great way to measure marketing successes.

Facebook fun fact: 189 million Facebook users are mobile only. How does your content display?