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Finding content when it’s scarce

June 12, 2014

Need to update that blog or engage with customers, but simply out of things to say?  Hey, it happens.  When you’re simply out of creative ideas, consider these give tips to keep the content flowing.

1. Research industry trends.  Read an impactful article recently? Share it and offer your opinion.  Providing organic content is a great way to establish your company as a thought leader; however, providing industry insight or trends, and lending your opinion or expertise is an excellent option to generate content while not overworking your brain to do so.  Think smarter, not harder.

2.  Show you’re human, too.  Most time, content consists of case studies, white papers, product details.  While we agree that’s essential, clients and prospects like knowing you’re human, too.  When you have the chance, feature your work in the local community or spotlight the employee that volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club.  Building a brand includes your brand ambassadors so show them off when you have the chance.

3.  Repurpose.  If you developed content a year ago, and the topic is still trending within your market or industry, share it again.  Just because it’s old doesn’t mean its out-of-date.

4.  It’s all about presentation. While repurposing, consider the different ways to share content.  Videos are trending right now.  Any chance you could take that case study and turn it into a cool 30 second animation?

For more ways to drum up content when it’s scarce, contact me.