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Lessons Learned from Dad – Pursue Your Passion

June 22, 2022

How is it that Dad is always right? Paige and Kristen reflect on the lessons learned from their fathers.

Always Trust Your Gut

Paige Donnell, CEO, Paige PR

My Dad has owned his own business his entire career. Early on, he had a real-estate brokerage boasting more than 50 agents. Now retired (is he ever really retired?), he has dabbled in homebuilding, home remodeling, and buys and sells commercial real estate. There are so many things he’s taught me about being an entrepreneur, a business professional, managing employees, and juggling family and career. And he continues to teach me to this day. 

Most importantly, he’s taught me to trust my gut.  In those moments, he’s encouraged me to push for new business and/or take some cautionary steps to ensure long-term success. He’s also helped me to understand how outside factors can influence decision making in PR and marketing efforts.

My Dad has also reinforced moments when I need to walk away and process before coming back to a client with a solution. The ability to momentarily ‘push away from the table’ is a lesson more people should be adhering to today – rather than firing off emails!

Last but not least, my Dad has taught me how important it is to follow the news and read about current events. This comes natural to me in general – it’s simply part of the business, but there is not a day that goes by that my dad isn’t caught up on the news cycle.

Everything Falls Into Place One Way or Another

Kristen Quinn, VP of Public Relations

Heading to undergrad at the University of New Hampshire I decided right off the bat to pick English as my major, reasoning that I could easily change it if I found something more fitting. I had taken advanced creative writing and literature classes throughout high school. I enjoyed the challenge of each assignment and eagerly awaited feedback on my essays each week.

Naturally I got a lot of questions about my major from family.

“Are you going to become a teacher?”


“What are you going to do with your major?”

“I don’t know.”

One person who didn’t question me was my father. He knew I loved to write. He looked forward to reading all of my stories. He knew I had talent and that talent would someday lead me to my career. And of course, Dad was right.

While it took me a few years to find public relations, when I did, I knew I found my calling. Being able to write press releases, articles and case studies clearly and concisely are fundamental skills in this profession.

Fast forward to today and I see the mounting pressure put on students to get into the most prestigious school and know from day one their professional path for the rest of their life. That’s a tall order for most teenagers. I love that my father didn’t put that same pressure on me. I selected a school I liked and pursued a degree I enjoyed. The rest, all fell into place. Thanks, Dad.