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Matchmaking and the Media

February 20, 2023

Why pitching is like finding “the one”

I’m showing my age here — I completely missed the chance to online date, but the concept is intriguing, but also terrifying! A person is literally pitching themselves to potential mates, putting their best self (and probably a nicely lit, filtered photo!) forward. And then, you also get to filter potential matches by likes/dislikes, interests and so on.  

Pitching to the media is so similar, and here’s why:  

  1. PR professionals need to do their homework and filter the journalists who cover specific beats (topics) for your clients. If your news pitch doesn’t align with what they cover, it’ll get dumped into the trash folder immediately. If you aren’t into rock climbing as a passion, chances are you may not be interested in a thrill seeker. The same holds true for finding the right journalists. 
  1. Not only do PR professionals need to match a journalist’s beat, but they also need to see what the reporter has been covering in recent articles. It always helps to prove that you’ve researched their background and not just sent a general, blanketed pitch to a bunch of people. “I really enjoyed your recent article that discussed the increase in women seeking jobs in renewables.” Bottom line – putting in the extra effort could make a lasting impression. (Note – we don’t recommend researching (or stalking) a potential date, they might find it a bit creepy.) 
  1. When a journalist responds with interest to a media pitch it’s like finding a soul mate! Well, maybe not that intense but it’s an amazing feeling to connect a journalist with a client’s news. It’s what PR is all about, but believe me, it’s not easy. Even with all the research, the perfect pitch and an interesting story, getting a response isn’t guaranteed. So, when you make a connection, do all you can to foster the relationship. 
  1. Pay attention to the details! If you show up late to a first date, chances are there won’t be a second. If a reporter is interested in covering your story (yay!) a PR professional needs to be diligent in minding any deadlines. Be ready with a headshot, bio or whatever else is needed to make their job as easy as possible. If you can’t get them what they need you can pretty much guarantee that they won’t be interested in covering any of your future clients’ news.  

So, for those of you looking for “the one” we wish you the best. The Paige PR team will continue matchmaking our clients’ news with reporters in the hopes of securing the sweetest coverage.  

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