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Paige PR Best Practices: Employee Communications

With COVID-19 still at large and the price of oil and gas at an all-time low, this one-two punch has been devastating to most businesses. In addition to the grim economic outlook, there is an abundance of new information constantly being disseminated that makes recommendations, updates and protocols confusing for everyone involved.

In this time of confusion, the one thing you don’t want is confusion in your employee and stakeholder communications. For employees that fear an unsafe workplace or a job loss, communicating early and often is vital. For customers, stakeholders and vendors that are unsure of the state of business, frequent contact is essential. Establishing a communications plan is key to constructive communication during hectic times.

As the industry begins to recover – and it will – the best tool that a company can use to further relationships is its voice. By crafting relevant, timely and consistent employee and shareholder communication, companies are able to reduce uncertainty and increase trust.

Our team at Paige PR has extensive experience in employee and marketing communication and is ready to help craft your company’s messages. We are here for you if you need us! And remember, tough times never last, but tough people do.

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