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How to prepare for a successful 2020 conference

May 16, 2019

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has come and gone, and unfortunately, attendance was down again. That being said, there were still thousands of businessmen and women that traveled the world to be in Houston during the first week of May. While there were so many companies that had a clear strategy in their trade show efforts, a lot of companies missed the mark on their marketing efforts this year. 

Here are five ways to prepare for a successful 2020 OTC: 

Client interaction/networking

OTC offers a variety of networking events and opportunities to connect with customers. Whether your company hosts its own event or you attend someone else’s, these key events allow for networking and business discussions throughout the day and night. If you or your company don’t participate in any activities, chances are you’ll miss out on growing your network.

Promotion of new technologies/products

OTC, SPE and Hart Energy deliver their annual awards during OTC, giving exhibitors big and small a real opportunity to make a big impact at the show. With OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology awards and Hart Energy’s Meritorious Awards, companies have the ability to gain priceless industry recognition at little to no cost. If you have an innovative technology or service to share, take advantage and maximize exposure in front of a large, engage audience.

Building media relationships

One of the big benefits of a trade show as large as OTC is that local and trade media are in attendance to learn about the latest advancements in oilfield technology. Next year, consider organizing media introductions, hosting a press conference or media tour throughout the booth or engaging in another manner. Part of exhibiting at a trade show is sharing your story with your audience – and that includes the media. There’s also significant benefits to building relationships with the media (for today and in the future). Even if an article isn’t written, establishing a relationship with an industry trade can have a positive long-term impact. 

Communicate your brand

Trade show booths are more than just a giant space to feature products and services; they’re an important vessel to help communicate a company’s brand. For instance, a company with a diverse workforce, new technology on display and a welcoming feel communicates an openness and modern approach, whereas a booth with antiquated photos and poor displays may appear more out of touch with today’s offshore innovations. Are you putting your best foot forward?

Social media presence

The easiest and most efficient way to engage with your audience is through a company’s social media channels. A targeted social media campaign aimed at increasing booth attendance is a great way to interact with your audience and colleagues. If you don’t use the tools at your fingertips, you may miss out on an opportunity to communicate quickly with an audience already present in NRG center.