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Redefining Your Company During the Energy Transition

October 14, 2021

I began working in the oil and gas industry in Houston at 22-years-old. Obviously I learned about exploration and production, but I also learned about carbon capture and storage, renewable capabilities and many other technologies, (at that point in time) that are today being brought to the forefront of the industry. To say the oil and gas industry is outdated would be entirely inaccurate; from my point of view (almost 20 years later), it would seem that the industry has always been pushing and developing and looking for new ways to do things better.

That said, out with the old and in with the new – and that includes industry jargon. The general public and investors at large have been trending away from the term, “oil and gas” for quite a while. It comes across as antiquated, dirty and harmful to the environment. And while there will always be a place for oil and gas in the world’s future, companies are expanding their capabilities and looking to diversify industries at a time when its audiences are expecting them to do so.

New discussions include energy and the various forms we have to harness it in the cleanest and most responsible way possible. The Great Energy Transition is making all of this possible.

If you’re a traditional oil and gas company, have you made the pivot to ‘energy’? Here are three tips to bring your company into the future.

  1. Modify your website and marketing materials. Just like some of the companies we represent, it’s important for Paige PR to be current. The language on your marketing collateral (and ours) should reflect where the industry is today – and clearly define what segments your products or services can be utilized in. For instance, your material and services might be used in drilling applications, as well as a hydrogen project. Showcase both.
  2. Update your company values. In a recent NES Energy Transition Survey, 22% of participants said they moved out of traditional oil and gas companies to professions that more aligned with their values. Employees today are looking for a company that cares about the community and world around them. Do your company values speak to this? If not, it could be a good time to revisit them.
  3. Accelerate your own digital transition. Prior to the pandemic, the trend in the energy industry was the digital transition; where technologies were advancing the industry at an accelerated rate. During the pandemic, we saw the benefits of this movement. Whether implementing a new software or doing some internal housekeeping, showing your company has invested in technologies to lower costs and improve efficiency for the next 25 years sends a powerful message. We’re committed to doing things better than in the past!

Do you need help transitioning your company from oil and gas to energy? Email me at paige@paigepr.com.