Diversity & Inclusion – Because It's Right

At Paige PR, we embrace diversity of thoughts, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, orientations and education – not because its timely or trendy – but because it’s right. Chances are, your company is striving to do the right things too – to recruit, hire, and advance qualified applicants from varied backgrounds; to promote inclusion across your organization; and to foster an environment free of biases, bigotry and intolerance.

We don’t believe a “cancel culture” should be allowed to overshadow or undermine a positive and productive corporate environment. So in the midst of all the noise, we want to help companies find their voice and tell their stories.

Paige PR is eager to engage:

  • Implement and/or broaden Diversity & Inclusion initiatives
  • Capture and craft your company’s D&I story
  • Promote company programs and successes where appropriate
  • Proactively respond to queries and criticisms as needed


Like you, we know smart Diversity & Inclusion initiatives make companies stronger, and we’re eager to advocate for our clients who are affecting change in their companies and communities.


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