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Stop Shooting from the Hip – The Significance of a Strategy

May 2, 2019

As an agency, we love fielding calls for a one-off press release or a brochure. It oftentimes leads to new clients and bigger discussions; however, it also can create some uncomfortable conversations about a lack of communication strategy. If you’ve ever been disappointed in the results of a one-time media pitching or content development effort on behalf of your organization, this blog topic is for you.

“I just need a brochure for my sales team and I need it immediately.”

We’ve all heard this one before. And while it’s certainly well-intentioned (we want your sales team to be equipped too), quality content doesn’t happen overnight. Sitting down and mapping out what your team needs developed in order to be successful with customers is a critical question. Prioritizing content (it could be your company needs more than one brochure), gathering materials, defining the purpose of the brochure and the company’s tone of voice are all key elements in ensuring a quality piece of collateral. Setting realistic timelines and review checkpoints are essential to meeting deadlines and delivering quality content. 

We encourage messaging sessions prior to developing any materials, so that all marketing and sales collateral utilizes the same key messages and language is consistent across the board, allowing for a stronger and more memorable piece of material for the company.

Oftentimes, when the surface is scratched, the one-off brochure is only one element of a larger content development program. And if the brochure is rushed or not properly thought out, the company’s going to need another new brochure in a few short months.

“We didn’t get the press attention we wanted on that release, so we’re not doing it again.”

Another knee-jerk reaction we get from new clients is that they didn’t receive the media response they expected from a release, so it must be a failure. We are begging companies everywhere to stop thinking like this!

Press releases often have different goals. They can be introducing new products, delivering breaking news about a company, announcing a new initiative, etc. However, sometimes, the purpose of a press release is merely to get eyes on the news and have it distributed. Reporters have deadlines to make and are also dealing with breaking news (which, in today’s world, happens around the clock). A one-time release from a company that not many are familiar with may not get coverage like you expected. That doesn’t mean you should take your foot off the gas — the more newsworthy elements a company can share — the more successful you’ll be. However, looking for a one-time ultra successful release is a little misguided. 

We often advise clients that PR campaigns can be a ‘slow drip’ and unless you’ve got an industry changing bit of news, one announcement isn’t going to get the job done. Consistent and frequent company announcements are the perfect way to tell a brand’s story. If reporters don’t get it the first time, they’ll see the trend and ultimately pick up on the changes your company’s making.

For more information on creating a lasting communications strategy, reach out to Paige PR.