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The importance of messaging

May 21, 2020

In almost all cases, when I meet with a client, the first thing they tell me is, “I need a brochure, website and/or publicity.”  When I follow up this demand with, “what’s your message,” the reaction I usually get is dismissal.  Why do companies place so little value in their messaging when it pertains to its company mission, a new product or technology launch or company announcement?  Identifying and utilizing a company’s primary message is the single most important communication objective to achieve before creating any marketing collateral or establishing meetings with stakeholders.


Because a solid message sets the foundation for everything that follows.  Ensuring everyone is on the same team and understands the same goals is essential.  Let me give an example:

If Company A is announcing a new product, and managers are all speaking about the product in different ways, will your message get across clearly to the media? Investors? Customers? Industry? When messaging is established, everyone has a clear communication objective.

Establishing strong messaging isn’t fluff.  Messaging should involve key leaders within an organization, or those that have a vested interest in a product or technology.  A company’s message should clearly and effectively lay out your intention and should include buzz words that support it.  Everyone should be communicating the same thing.

Does your company have a clear vision and message for itself, its products and services?  If not, consider a messaging session to determine primary and secondary messages that can be rolled out from top managers to all employees.