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The value of the Duck Dynasty brand

August 26, 2013

I, like most of America, tune in weekly to watch Duck Dynasty.  While I enjoy the show from a personal perspective, there’s a lot that the Duck Dynasty empire teaches us about a branding strategy.  While I’m no brand expert, even I recognize how this correlates into strengthening the company name and raising its awareness among its intended audiences.

The beards. The camo. Happy, Happy, Happy!  We get it, the Robertson family’s individual identity is an extension of its brand.  But the Duck Dynasty brand goes deeper than that – there’s a high level of   commitment to faith, family, serving others and quality.  All characteristics that not only strengthen a brand, but allow audiences and customers alike to know exactly what goes on behind the products they purchase.  Don’t you like to know what a company stands for when buying its products?

As a PR professional, how does this help me?  Everything Duck Dynasty stands for translates into messages for intended audiences.  When consumers buy a duck call, or Duck Dynasty piece of merchandise, they are assured they’re purchasing something made from quality.  How do we know that?  Because week in and week out, we see that the Robertson family has a commitment to one another, the empire they’re building and the employees who work for them.  As a PR professional, sharing these messages with its followers is the easy part.  If only all companies could take a page out of Duck Dynasty’s playbook.