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Why Audits are Important

February 21, 2014

Are you stuck in the habit of using the same brochures, participating in the same events and sponsoring the same activities because “it’s always been done in the past?” If so, an audit of ongoing programs is in order. Especially when justifying an annual budget to key decision makers.
Here are three tips for building a communications program and guaranteeing happy internal customers.

  • Prior to creating that new brochure, or participating in a trade show or event, outline the objectives and goals, along with the associated costs. This way, when reviewing the success, there will be something to measure against.
  • Immediately following an event/sponsorship/animation, etc., conduct an internal survey to gain the reaction of company stakeholders.  Was the cost worth it?  Were new sales leads generated because of this new activity?  [HINT: If you keep feedback, whenever you decide to nix this from your budget next year — or include it– you’ll have documentation supporting your decision.]
  • Develop an annual report of all marketing activity and the successes and failures throughout the year.  Feel free to share with managers to showcase your worth, and use it as a guide to build your communications program for the following year.

The goal is to constantly review your company’s activities, maximize your annual budget and keep key stakeholders in your corner.  For help developing an annual program, or guidance on conducting an audit, email me.