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Why Do I Need a PR Firm? 

June 17, 2024

I was sitting on this question on my walk earlier today. We often get calls for a single press release, which I understand and we’re happy to facilitate. People tend to think that a PR firm helps with writing and distributing your news on a wire service (think syndicated coverage).  

Make no mistake, PR firms do these things – but that’s not why you need us. Those are simply tactical elements that must be carried out. Anyone can figure out how to push out a press release.  

The benefits of working with an agency is that they (ideally) can help you sharpen your newsworthy information, and then pitch it and have it land in the target outlets that value your news the most. Rather than news syndicating (running on random news sites), it contributes to a bigger story, connecting with journalists that understand the business angles and how your newsworthy information can contribute to trending topics.  

Public relations professionals also know what is and isn’t newsworthy and can provide honest feedback from the get-go. Never trust a ‘yes’ person who insists that all news is press release-worthy. That’s a good way to waste time, money and credibility with the media. 

To break it down further, PR firms are storytellers. We want to help tell your story to your intended audience, using the right channels, outlets and reporters. That’s not a one-and-done concept (like a press release). In a perfect scenario, clients know and understand that PR means playing the long game to improve a company’s reputation. Continually sharing important news, contributing to industry articles, leveraging all the good your company does in the community, etc. – these things add up to telling your company’s story to an external audience.  

It only takes one negative action to have public trust in your company tarnished. By continually building your brand and reputation through PR efforts, any negative attention you might receive could potentially be diluted because of all the positive associations clients and customers have with you. 

Paige PR can help guide and support your company in these efforts to ensure you’re getting the most value for your investment and end goal. Reach out to us today to see how we can support your PR program.