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The Art of Attention: Winning in the World of Earned Media 

November 27, 2023

How people consume news is so different than it used to be. While there’s still an audience for morning or evening news programs, or getting a daily newspaper, there’s also social media, apps and alerts so people can stay up-to-date, minute by minute on trending stories and headline news. And with everything happening in the world today, the news can feel hectic, loud and overwhelming.  

Public Relations helps clients cut through the clutter, allowing your organization to tell its story. Because if you’re not controlling the conversation, then who is? 

There are a variety of ways that a PR agency can help a company boost their brand. One is through earned media – pitching topics, op-eds, or subject matter experts to journalists and publications that will position a company as an expert in their field. We help our clients connect with the right people and publications at the right time to either tell their brand’s story, offer solutions for industry challenges, provide commentary on trending topics… the opportunities are endless.  

Here’s our top media successes for some of our clients in the past year: 

Rhythm Energy: A Media Introduction Turns into a Fruitful Relationship 

We introduced CEO, PJ Popovic, to Houston Business Journal energy beat reporter Jishnu Nair. We initially pitched Jishnu a feature article on PJ since he has a great story and background. While that initial article never did get published (sometimes that just happens), PJ has been quoted in three articles that discuss ERCOT and the Texas energy grid, since it was such a trending topic in Houston this summer. What we hoped would be one article has turned into three. There’s no reason to think that Jishnu won’t call up his trusted source, PJ, if he needs his expertise for stories in the future. It’s truly a win-win. 

Lee & Associates – Houston: A New Lease Makes a Splash in the News 

There is constant news that typically comes from a commercial real estate (CRE) company. Deals are closed on facilities, leases are signed, and new companies take ownership of high rises and industrial plants. One story that dominated CRE headlines came from Lee & Associates – Houston. They spearheaded a lease with Schlumberger for a 1 million-plus square-foot space in a building that had sat vacant for a lengthy amount of time. Not only did this story get picked up in Houston and Shreveport, Louisiana (where the building is located), but it also syndicated to major national new sites including Yahoo! Financial. In total the news reached an estimated 237 million people. 

Pinnacle: One Podcast, Two Podcasts, Three Podcasts More 

OGGN produces a variety of podcasts that are focused on the oil and gas industry. From showcasing startups to discussions surrounding technology and renewables, there are opportunities to talk energy from a variety of perspectives.  

We connected with Oil and Gas HSE’s podcast producer who was interested in speaking with Pinnacle about how their reliability programs can improve health and safety in the energy industry. This conversation led to our clients joining the Pitch Podcast, allowing the team to discuss Pinnacle’s solutions to a wide audience. And since these conversations went so well, the host of Oil and Gas HSE wanted to then talk with Pinnacle’s CEO about the future of oil and gas.  

In this case, being a “good guest” led to more opportunities. The podcast world is a small one and being knowledgeable, respecting deadlines and speaking on-topic can lead to multiple opportunities. 

A proactive approach to PR is the best approach. A PR agency can organize differentiators, trends and company information into a strategy that will help identify areas where a company can lead the conversation, instead of letting your competitors do all of the talking. 

So, who’s ready to hit the press with PR? 

Make your story stand out with Paige PR. We celebrate our clients’ successes and are dedicated to achieving yours. Connect with Kristen Quinn at kristen@paigepr.com to see how Paige PR’s expertise can elevate your organization’s narrative.