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Knock Your Competition Out of the Park with These Simple PR Hacks

April 3, 2023

Tips and Tricks for PR Success in 2023 – Beating out the Competition

March brings the beginning of baseball season and with it comes an air of enthusiasm and high levels of optimism (especially for our hometown World Series Astros)! Much like baseball at the start of Spring, here at Paige PR, we want you to hit a homerun with your business!

Below are some tips and tricks to beat out the competition:

1: Storytelling! Tell your brand’s story by building an identity that matches who you are. This will help strengthen the relationship with your customer and improve your industry presence. Storytelling can happen through a number of channels to a variety of stakeholders. Be sure and leverage all outlets, including press release distribution opportunities, earned media placements, social media posts, customer and employee engagement opportunities and beyond. Pro Tip – Employees and customers alike value honesty and transparency. Go ahead, be authentic with your outreach and don’t forget, communication is a two-way street, so make sure you listen and engage with your audiences!

2: Networking is back! As people return to trade shows, happy hours and industry events, make sure to understand your target market and set measurable goals when attending each activity. Whether speaking, sponsoring or working the room, there’s always an opportunity to convey your message or follow up with past or present connections. Beyond this, don’t be afraid to follow up on connections, as you never know when they might come into play. Speaking from the personal experience of a recent college graduate, the connections I made at Baylor University have paid huge dividends, and I think that is due in part to not being afraid to reach out to individuals.

3: Evaluate what is or isn’t newsworthy. You don’t want to clog up your clients’ inbox with unnecessary emails, causing them to click “delete”, “unfollow” or “unsubscribe”. Considering what you don’t send is as important as what you do send. Is what you’re sending impactful? Will it make a difference in their day-to-day? If the answer is “no”, hold up and wait for the news that’ll spark attention.

4: Set PR goals and track accordingly to monitor progress by using the acronym SMART, (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound). For example, say you want to increase the audience size for your brand. By using SMART, you can easily outline your plan to do this. For Specific, lay out exactly what you plan on doing. For Measurable, ask yourself how you will know the goal has been achieved. For Achievable, ask yourself how realistic the goal is. For Relevant, consider if it will positively contribute to your company. Finally, for Time Bound, set a realistic date when you expect to be finished.

So remember, you can’t win the game if you don’t even play. Start with some small, realistic PR goals and let’s play ball! Give us a call or reach out to Kristen Quinn at kristen@paigepr.com to get the conversation started.

This article was written by Charlie Wailes, Paige PR’s newest intern! Charlie is currently an intern for Paige PR and graduated from Baylor in December of 2022 with a degree in journalism. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, hanging out with friends, or watching tv shows.