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Navigating CERAWeek as Newbies

March 26, 2024

CERAWeek 2024 explored strategies for a multidimensional, multispeed and multifuel energy transition. The event brings together global leaders to advance new ideas, insight and solutions to the biggest challenges facing the future of energy, the environment, and climate. CERAWeek is widely considered to be the most prestigious annual gathering of CEOs and Ministers from global energy and utilities, as well as automotive, manufacturing, policy and financial communities, along with a growing presence of tech. This year, attendance included more than 8,000+ delegates, 1,400+ speakers, 200+ journalists, and us, Paige PR.  

Our agency was tasked with supporting the Houston Energy Transition Initiative (HETI) and its members by connecting them with media who were in attendance. HETI works alongside and on behalf of its members to strengthen Houston’s position as the Energy Capital of the World through the energy transition. Members range from Super Majors to startups. 

Being able to connect with journalists in-person was an amazing opportunity both for our agency and our clients. Public Relations is about building relationships with key stakeholders, including the media. If an article publishes as a result, it’s icing on the cake. However, being a valuable resource for a journalist who might need an expert down the road is a tremendous win. 

Throughout the week we were able to connect HETI and some of its member companies with journalists interested in learning more about the energy transition and new technologies being implemented. From trade reporters to online publication to tier one business newspapers, every connection was a positive experience. Stay tuned for a case study! 

Additionally, our team was able to connect with other professionals in the energy industry. Sitting in a common area where seating was limited ended up being the best place to network.  

Attending CERAWeek provided us with a wealth of knowledge and insights into the exciting advancements being made by companies as they transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. It was truly inspiring to see the commitment and dedication from industry leaders towards achieving a net zero future. We left the event feeling energized and optimistic about the positive changes that are taking place in the world. 

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